Saturday, November 17, 2007

More Jinx Fodder

That last post got me thinking about my own record in sports rooting. It's not too good, really. My hypothesis before starting this post is this: that over 50% of the time the team I root for loses in the World Series.

Now obviously, I can't be a true "jinx", because the Cardinals just won the World Series last year. But, I have to humbly admit, I'm not the kind of person you want rooting for your team.

Let's look back, as far as my memory can take me, who I've rooted for in the World Series.

2007- Rockies. Lost.
2006- Cardinals. Won.
2005- Astros. Lost.
2004- Cardinals. Lost.
2003- Marlins. Won.
2002- Angels. Won.
2001- Yankees. Lost. How could I root for them? That was the year of 9/11, that's all.
2000- Mets. Lost.
1999- Braves. Lost.
1998- Padres. Lost.
1997- Indians. Lost.
1996- Yankees. Won. How could I root for them? Braves were defending champs.
1995- Indians. Lost.
1994- Nobody. How could I root for them? No World Series that year. Still lost.
1993- Phillies. Lost.
1992- Braves. Lost.
1991- Braves. Lost.
1990- Reds. Won.
1989- Giants. Lost.
1988- A's. Lost.
1987- Cardinals. Lost.
1986- Red Sox. Lost.
1985- Cardinals. Lost.
1984- Padres. Lost.
1983- Phillies. Lost.
1982- Cardinals. Won.
1981- Yankees. Lost.
1980- Royals. Lost.
1979- Orioles. Lost.
1978- Dodgers. Lost.
1977- Dodgers. Lost.
1976- Yankees. Lost.
1975- Red Sox. Lost.
1974- Dodgers. Lost.
1973- Mets. Lost.
1972- A's. Won.
1971- Pirates. Won.
1970- Orioles. Won.
1969- Mets. Won.
1968- Cardinals. Lost.
1967- Cardinals. Won. (Okay, I was just about to turn 4, so I guess I don't really remember that World Series. But I do remember being excited that they won).

Wow. That's depressing. A total of 40 World Series. And I've only rooted for the winner 11 times? And 5 of them were before 1973! The past 35 years I've only rooted for 6 World Series winners. From 1973 to 1989, I only rooted for 1 winner. ZOWIE!

I have a truly stunning .275 winning percentage.


Crown me, for I am Scottius Maximus- "Baseball Jinx".


  1. I'm pretty sure the only two World Series I have cared about were in 1987 and 1991. Both times my team won, so does that make my percentage 1000? If so, that's pretty cool!

  2. TK!

    Yes, I'm afraid it does. From now on, I'll look to you for my rooting interest.

  3. Scottius!

    Please, please, PLEASE root for the BoSox next year.

    Thank you.

  4. Rick!

    Sorry, but I do like the Indians. I can't help myself.