Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Idea To Fundamentally Change The World

It's really simple.


A gigantic tube system that connects the entire world.

You'll never have to leave your home. Just order up what you need and have it tubed to your house.

Got garbage? Just tube it away to the dump.

No more need for cars. Therefore no pollution. No global warming. And the Middle East ceases to be important once again.

The only people who will ever need to leave their houses again are the "tube fixers" and "tube builders".

Just remember it was my idea.

And what do I ask in return? Nothing but to ask you to keep reading this blog. For there are lots more ideas rolling around up there in my head. And you wouldn't want to miss them.

You're welcome.


  1. Rolling up there or rattling? There's a difference...

    Don't worry. I think you have a captive audience. :)

  2. TK!

    There'd have to be something else up there for there to be rattling. But there's plenty of room for rolling.