Thursday, November 01, 2007

Thursday Reading

Jeremiah 31 and 32. Revelation 16.

With two months to go this year, I've done fair in accomplishing my 2007 goals:
1. Reading- I'm way ahead of schedule for getting through the New Testament this year. Obviously I should finish that in 6 days. I'm now right on schedule for getting through the Old Testament by the end of the year, but since we are finishing the New Testament early, I may accelerate by adding an extra chapter a day to the Old Testament Reading. This would let us be done a couple weeks early.

2. Exercise-Totals through the end of October: 17,350 Hindu Squats and 17,335 Hindu Pushups.

The first goal I won't make is neck bridging. I had to stop that in late July because I was getting dizziness and nausea while doing this. I'll have to think of a new exercise to replace it next year, because I think my days of doing this are now over.

3. Landscaping- I was able to successfully grow the following from seed: blue fescue grass, malvia, shasta daisy, and another plant I haven't identified because I forgot to mark what it was after it was planted. I saved all my seed packets, so once it flowers I hope to be able to identify it. I also got some great marigolds and bachelor buttons.

I was unsuccessful with hollyhock, bellflower, coneflower and a couple of others. Will try planting earlier in the spring before it gets too hot. The way the weather is going, that may mean February.

Also got some green beans, radishes and snap peas from seed. Planted new shrubs I bought, including holly, blue star junipers, golden privet, boxwood and prunus cistena.

Due to a lack of rain, the ground was at times as hard as rock. So I'm only 1/3 of the way done with a terraced slope retaining wall that I wanted to have done by the end of the year. Now that it has rained again, I still have hope of completing this before year's end, if weather cooperates.

4. Foreign language- I really haven't been putting forth much effort in this area. My interest level has not been high, therefore, I have not been faithful in doing much. I have failed here.


  1. You could study HTML and count that as a language (it's most definitely a language, just not a human one). Just a thought...

  2. TK!

    It's a great idea! My great great grandfather was from HTML.