Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Meandering Thoughts Of Christmas 2007

Wow, Christmas has come and gone again.

- I learned not to give a 10 month old salami and chili before going to church.

- Although it was at the top of my list, I'm a little disappointed with the "Kim Jong Il doll" I received as a gift. I think it's trying to kill me.

- I did get a few good presents. "The AC/DC Bible Study Guide" should be a good aid for next year's reading. That Angus has some brilliant theological insights in between his 3 chord guitar riffs.

- Although I didn't get their "Ice Road Truckers" series, I did get The History Channel's video series- "The Rise Of Mouthwash: Breath Quality Of Human Civilizations The Past 4500 Years."

- Thankfully, I received a traditional golden wheel of government cheese.

- I received new traveling coffee cup. The only weird thing is that instead of a small hole to drink out of it has a nipple.


  1. Hope you and Lucy had a blessed Christmas with both of your kids.

  2. Barb!

    Yeah, we did. I forgot to mention that part.

  3. Would that be the Kim Jong "Mentally" Ill doll?

    Look for a little switch on his back and make sure it is flipped to "medicated" and not "unmedicated." This will activate the "lithium" battery and he will no longer be homocidal. Just a little Christmas tip from me to you!

    Have a Happy New Year! ;-)

  4. DMG!

    What a riot! I need you to help me write next year's Christmas post. Happy New Year.