Thursday, February 28, 2008

Warning- "Dark Shadows" Alert

A couple of weeks ago I watched the NBA All-Star Weekend and got to see the 3-point shoot-out. That's my favorite part of the whole extravaganza.

It was won once again by the Raptors Jason Kapono, who was sizzling hot the final round. He tied the scoring record. That's him shooting in the photo above.

But that's, of course, not why I'm writing this post.

You see, in the above picture is Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash (bottom right). Nash used to have much longer hair. It was quite a stringy mess until he cut it.

When I saw this picture in this week's Sporting News, I couldn't help but think that the camera caught Nash at a bad moment.

We've all had cameras catch us at less than our best. But my question is this- doesn't Nash look a lot like the fictional soap opera character Barnabas Collins in this picture?

Maybe it's the shadows or those bangs, but I half expect if Nash smiled you'd see fangs.

Maybe you don't see it. But if you don't, then at least you'd agree he looks a lot like Chris DeBurgh, the guy who sang that 1980s hit "The Lady In Red." I always thought that guy looked like Jonathan Frid anyway.

So, you be the judge. But my advice to Nash is this-

"Don't Pay The Ferryman." 'Til he gets you to the other side.

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