Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wee-Deedee-Dee, Deedee-Deedee-Dee...

Some random thoughts...

- How come whole milk costs more than skim or 2%? Don't they have to do less processing to whole milk, so wouldn't it be cheaper?

- Can we make cheese and ice cream out of baby formula?

- Were any of the songs in "My Music" in my sidebar ever nominated for a Grammy? Probably not. But I still like them.

- Lots of people think this is going to be a rebuilding season for the Cardinals. In other words, a bad year. Not me. I think all the new faces are going to make this season exciting. We just got a heck of a lot younger. I like our chances better now than I did at the end of last season. I'll post soon on why I'm optimistic. But one word may suffice: HUNGRIER.

- When I learned to type, it was on an electric typewriter. I learned to reach with my right index finger to reach the '6' key up top. So how come on a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard, the '6' is on the left hand side, making the left index finger reach the '4', '5' and '6'? Now my right index finger only has to do the '7'. Needless to say, last time I checked, my left index finger is getting tired...and a little peeved.

- Let's all- that's everyone in the whole U.S.- go to the bank Monday and withdraw all of our money! Just to make Monday a little funner! Leave nothing behind. I'd love to see the looks on their faces. We can do this. Spread the word.

- Anyone know what parts of a papaya and a pomegranate you can eat? I'm trying to expand my diet.

- Let's all give this winter a big hand. It's been quite a show so far. I heard someone say we're having this wintery weather due to global warming. Makes sense, I guess, no? Here's to ever more global warming, so we can continue having these great winters.


  1. Heck, even if we only withdrew 25% of our funds, every bank would be overextended on loans. They'd freak!