Thursday, March 06, 2008

At Least Dan McLaughlin Is Happy

I don't know anyone else who is. Besides Joe Buck himself.

It's going to be a steady diet of listening to Mike Shannon and John Rooney for me this season. Of course, I'd prefer listening to them over McLaughlin and Hrabosky anyway, but I'd always tune in to Fox Sports Midwest to see if Joe was announcing that night.

Over the last several years, Joe was becoming more and more of an occasional sighting instead of a regular anyway. But I didn't realize he only did 10 telecasts last year.

Still, I'd take just 10. Joe is a lot like his father in that he would "let his hair down" and be a less serioius, sometime silly, version of himself on local Cardinals broadcasts. You never see that on Joe's national broadcasts, although a humorous quip occasionally finds its way into one.

I remember one such instance a few years back of Joe proclaiming "Run,!" like an excited kindergardener on a ball hit in the gap that saw Scott Rolen trying to score from first. It was hilarious because he said it just as the cameraman zoomed in on Rolen digging for and rounding 3rd base.

So, we'll miss you, Joe. Have some fun with your family and come back again real soon.


  1. I can empathize, I know it is less fun to listen to Indians games when Tom Hamilton is not on the air.

  2. MarieN!

    Thanks. This year was already probably going to be a downer, if you believe so-called experts. It does make a difference, particularly in a not-so-stellar year, who is announcing.