Thursday, May 01, 2008

For Anyone Who Has A Blog

Warning- don't click the link until you read this post.

If you have a blog, and you are not offended by certain words (including a definite misuse of the Lord's name), you might want to watch this.

It aired Tuesday on Bob Costas' HBO program. This was a "round table" discussion of sports and sports blogs. Will Leitch, who posts on Deadspin, Buzz Bissinger, a traditional sportswriter, and Braylon Edwards, modern athlete, have a "discussion", supposedly "moderated" by Costas.

I don't have HBO, and the only reason I know about this is a local sports editor mentioned it as a guest on a local morning radio program Tuesday. He was promoting the Costas program, mostly because he and the host of that program don't like blogs. This definitely got my attention, because it sounded like potential fireworks in the making.

Although I've heard of it, I did not read Deadspin before the show aired. It's a little out there for me.

But listening to this Buzz guy, who wrote the Tony LaRussa book "Three Nights in August", by the way, made me get a little defensive. I'm a blogger, and I don't like seeing bloggers disparaged just because we're not professional writers or part of the main-stream media.

What an angry little man Bissinger appears to be. This guy totally comes unglued on national TV. He obviously does not see the irony in his speech and appearance on this show- that while trying to make bloggers out to be unprofessional, juvenile miscreants, he himself is acting like an unprofessional, foul-mouthed juvenile. Mr. Leitch ended up looking like the professional due to the real professional's(Bissinger's) behavior.

But this is what most journalists must think of bloggers. They just don't get it. It has happened time and again. True, there are bad people blogging, just as there are bad people who have radio programs, TV programs, and sadly, newspaper columns. But some of us do try to be careful about what we write, how we phrase a thought, how grammatically correct we are, and how well we spell.

I also love how Costas doesn't seem to be able to differentiate a "post" from a "comment".

I don't think these guys get it. How 'bout you? It looked less like a round table, and more like a set-up to "get Leitch", and therefore bloggers.

So if you have 18 minutes, take a look. But again, this is definitely not safe for work. Or if children are around. You've been warned.


  1. I have read enough bad USA Today, NY Times, and Washington Post articles to know that blog writers don't have a monopoly on bad writing.

    Would you like to nominate Bissinger on my new blog?

  2. Rick!

    New blog? I thought you retired? Looking forward to reading it.

    I don't know that he's an idiot, just a sad sack. He had a lot of good points, it's just that the execution was so poor you could miss them easily.

    On second thought, maybe that does make him one.

  3. LOL! I retired from blogging about my life. Ran out of things to say about myself and my beliefs. I felt like a broken record. :-)

    I believe I am a better writer/blogger when I am poking fun. We'll see how it goes, but I need your nominations so I have material.


  4. Speaking of sports, my family and I filled out All-Star ballots at the Indians game yesterday. We filled out all Indians on the AL side, and all Cardinals on the NL side. I bet Albert Pujols is pretty certain to make it anyway though, huh?

  5. Barb!

    Way to go!

    A healthy Pujols will certainly make the team. But Pujols is not the lock you'd think he'd be to start. There's a lot of competition, notably from Derek Lee of the Cubs, who's started out very hot also.