Monday, June 23, 2008

Designing Ice Road Cardinals- A Sunday TV Trifecta

Yesterday's Cards-"Sawks" baseball marathon was exciting enough, yet disappointing ultimately. It also didn't leave me time to get much done before Design Star and Ice Road Truckers came on.

Since when did Ice Road Truckers become a comedy? A laugh track could easily have been put on the last two shows, what with Drew and Rick's comic shennanigans. Hugh and Alex are again showing why they are old-school tough men, while the comedy team of D&R are showing us how weak, juvenile and lazy they are. The sight of Drew driving a fork lift and cube truck last week was only surpassed in hilarity by Hugh's scornful guffaws aimed at Drew.

Rick getting in two accidents in less than a week, costing his owners thousands of dollars of repairs, and yet seeming to have no remorse or awareness of his driving shortcomings, is pathetic. He sits around acting angry that he can't get out and make money, completely missing the obvious fact that HE ALONE is the reason he can't get out and make money.

I have to say last night's Design Star left much to be desired. Disappointments with the quality of the finished rooms and the contestant bickering seem about equal, both with me and with the message boards.

As I posted earlier, D. Paul had no chance to win, and last night the deal went down as he was sent home. But did he really deserve to go?

The answer is yes. Although a strong argument could be made for Tracee or Jennifer.

D. Paul's mistake was in missing the point of the whole challenge, which was to incorporate his garage sale junk into the sitting room in some way.

He was too distracted by the sheer height of the room's ceilings, and it cost him.

So what does he do? He appears to wait until there is only about an hour left before deciding what to do with his junk piece, which is what he should have been thinking of from the beginning. He destroys it, then assembles some goof-trap sculpture out of its remains.

Really inspired stuff. There's no way anyone can seriously argue he didn't deserve to go out.

What blew me away the most, however, was the judges lack of attention to detail. They didn't even notice D. Paul's molding treatment that had consumed his 3 days work.

I'm not sure what the judges want this year. And Vern has been particularly petulant, almost virulent. Unless your name is Matt or Michael.

None of the other contestants brought anything inspiring to the scene last night. Which I blame on the $5,000 budget. That's not enough for a room that big with no furniture in it.

Tracee is everyone's villain. No one even spoke to her at the end when she entered the green room instead of D. Paul. Which means she has no chance to win. No one in America will vote for her now.

Unless she is paired in the final two with the annoying Michael. In which case I predict this season of Design Star will be the last, because he almost has as many negatives as she does. No one would watch those final two shows, and no one would call in to vote.

If Michael would just tone it down a little, he'd have a shot.

Matt seems to have the inside track, doing well each of the last two weeks. Mikey V. also has a good shot. That would make a good final pairing. I think I like Mikey V a little better so far, but think Matt is probably the favorite.

Two contestants down, six to go.

So here's my odds after week 3:
Matt still holds the edge at 2:1.
Mikey V. 5:1.
Trish 10:1.
Jennifer 10:1.
Michael 15:1.
Tracee 200:1.
Stephanie 200:1.

Odds to leave the show THIS NEXT episode:
Stephanie 2:1.

Tracee 2:1.
Michael 5:1.
Trish 20:1.
Jennifer 20:1.
Mikey V. 25:1.
Matt 50:1.

I was pretty right on this week, so don't forget to watch next week to see how I did!

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