Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things I Learned From PTI

Did you know July 9th was the birthday of OJ Simpson, Courtney Love...and John Tesh?

I learned of this strange trio from PTI, my favorite ESPN weekday informant. I verified it at this nifty website, where I also learned Ed Ames was a member of this club.

At the NNDB site you can look up any date to see who you share a birthday with, but I digress.

Does anyone else think this is the most bizarre arrangement of celebrities born on the same date that I do?

Here you have a multiple murderer who can't stay out of trouble, a drug addicted rock and roll singer who can't stay out of trouble...and John Tesh? Where does he fit in to this melting pot of mayhem?

Makes you wonder what Tesh is hiding under his rug, doesn't it?

That group just doesn't fit together. The fact that those three are linked together by anything at all is just-this-side of crazy.

But then I looked at who was born on my birthday, just to see if there was an even weirder group I could come up with.

Try this on for size- November 7th, my birthday, claims the bizarre triumvirate of Judy Tenuta, Dana Plato and Billy Graham.

Not too shabby, huh?

So my question for you all is this- do you think you can mix together a weirder combination of 3 people born on your birthday that beats July 9th or November 7th?


  1. I once spent an entire July 9th (and part of the 8th and 10th) in labor for my firstborn child!

    How did you pull up that list? What search term did you use exactly cuz I can't make it give me a list for July 10th.

    Oh, and a very Happy Birthday to you!

  2. TK!

    Stubborn child, eh?

    Sorry, I didn't explain that well. I googled "people born on July 9th" and did the same for November 7th. It was the first link that came up.

    Here's the link for July 10th.