Sunday, September 14, 2008

NFL Week 2

Last week's 11-5 start was the best I have had in years. Probably due for a let down this week. The Bears surprised me last week, but I am not prepared to get my hopes up yet. This new RB looks intriguing, though.

The Rams stink badly. They may be the only team that has the potential to run the table for an 0-16 this year. The Dolphins look a lot better and are no longer in contention. After being of the opinion that the Raiders are improved before the season started, I've got to say, if they perform like last week, they could be contenders to run the table.

The real shocker to me was how good the Broncos looked, and now that the AFC is wide open, they might have a shot also. That, and how all the rats deserted the Patriots ship before it had even sunk. I'd like to wait to see how this Cassel guy performs before declaring them dead. They did win 18 games last year.

Green Bay.
Kansas City.
New Orleans.
Tampa Bay.
New England.
Dallas- Monday.

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