Sunday, October 12, 2008

NFL Week 6

Last week I was 8-6. I'm 49-25 for the season. ESPN experts here and here.

We're in week 6, and there are still 4 winless teams. I think we might see one of those teams get a win this week, but no more than that. Houston and Cincinnati have a shot.

But that's okay. I don't think either of those teams had a chance at running the table and going the whole season winless anyway.

However, the Lions and Rams should roll on this week. Unfortunately, on further review, neither team's schedule favors them going completely winless. In fact, the Lions get Houston next week.

St. Louis has no chance of winning the next 3 weeks, but after that they could sneak in a win somewhere. It's going to take some really memorably bad football for them to pull off the greatest achievement of my lifetime: an 0-16 record. An accomplishment no team has ever done since the inauguration of the 16 game season in 1978.

Oh well, we can all still hope. Until that final team ekes out a 1st victory, I'll root on. Come on, men. You can DO IT!

Tough week this week. Lots of toss up games.

New Orleans.
San Francisco.
Green Bay.
San Diego.
Giants- Monday.

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