Friday, October 17, 2008

Scientific Inquiry

This is a question that has puzzled me for a long time. I cannot solve it myself. I go back and forth with it.

The TV series, George of the Jungle, was composed of three shorts, themselves continuing series. We had the title series, George of the Jungle, followed I think by Super Chicken, and then ending with Tom Slick. I might have the order messed up, though, as it has been so long since I saw an entire 30 minute show.

Each individual part had its own theme song, and they all were as memorable as they were catchy.

So, my question is, which tune is the best? My favorite show was Super Chicken, but I'm inquiring of the songs, not the shows.

George of the Jungle?

Super Chicken?

Tom Slick?

And for some laughs today, YouTube has videos of actual episodes. Crazy stuff, in the Rocky and Bullwinkle tradition.

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