Sunday, November 09, 2008

NFL Week 10

Another 8-6 record last week, and Thursday night's loss, leaves me at 81-50 for the year. ESPN experts here and here.

This week is the last week of byes. Seems like the bye weeks lasted longer this year.

I didn't ever really believe that Cincinnati was going 0-16. But having two teams winless at this point in the year made it seem more possible that at least one of them was going to pull it off.

Now my dreams are beginning to vaporize. After watching the Lions almost take the Bears down last week, and now with the addition of Daunte Culpepper, I for the first time doubt that the Lions are going to go winless.

Sixteen games are a lot to lose, and the Lions are as yet only half way there. Sure, they've played some really bad football, and they undoubtedly have lots of bad football left in them.

The problem is that the Lions do appear to actually be trying to win rather than trying to lose. Despite having a chance to have the worst record in the history of the NFL, they don't appear to care about it. And that's really troublesome, because not many teams even get the opportunity to sniff 0-16.

Instead of football immortality, they appear to prefer to finish in the depths of an anonymous 1-15 or 2-14 season.

And it may happen today. Jacksonville gave up Cincinnati's perfect season last week. They may as well blow it for the Lions, too.

It looks like everything is lining up for a Detroit victory today. And the fact I'm not picking them makes it all the more likely. Even though just a smidgeon of hope remains for a perfect season, I'm not ready to give up like the Lions obviously have.

New England.
San Diego.
Arizona- Monday.

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