Sunday, November 16, 2008

NFL Week 11

Bye weeks are over! A full slate of games today (well, except for Thursday and Monday night).

Last week's inconspicuous 9-5 record coupled with Thursday night's loss leaves me 90-55 for the year.
ESPN experts here and here.

I'm tired of waiting for the Detroit Lions season to play out. It's too nerve wracking. No team has ever gone 0-16, and my fear is that I will never live long enough to see it.

I thought history would be made last year, until the Baltimore Ravens tanked and let the Dolphins win an OT game in the 14th game of Miami's season. Talk about gut wrenching.

That's why I don't have a lot of confidence in this year's Lions squad. I've seen it happen too many times.

In fact, the Lions have gone a lot deeper into the season winless than they have so far this year. I even think they made it to 0-12 a few years back. So I'm not a confident man.

0-9 is a long way from 0-16. There's almost two full months of football left. And even though they will have to face a string of above .500 teams the next few weeks, I remain doubtful about the realistic-ness of 0-16.

So I make the following rule change right now, if I was commish. Getting to 0-11 is an automatic "skunk".

Like in ping pong or in a friendly game of "21". You get down 0-11 and it's a "skunk". Game over. Season over.

Which means Detroit would only have to lose this week to Carolina and next week to Tampa Bay, and they'd be officially "skunked". No more games. Automatic 0-16.

Which would also mean we wouldn't have to be subjected to watching the Lions play the best team in the league, Tennessee, during Thanksgiving dinner.

So see, just one more advantage to my rule change. You can thank me later.



Green Bay.


New Orleans.



Tampa Bay.


San Francisco.





Buffalo- Monday.


  1. I think Phil Dawson should be our MVP for the season. Not that we have much of a season.

  2. Barb!

    It's nice to have a kicker as your MVP and all- but what about me?

    When I don't pick the Browns, they win. When I do, they never win. If I don't pick them the rest of the year, they may smell the playoffs yet.

    I could be your MVP. Most valuable picker.

  3. The Browns are nothing if not contrary. You just keep picking them to lose. :)

  4. Scottius, are you okay? You didn't make a pic for Thursday night. Of course, I know you would have picked P-burgh. :)

  5. Barb!

    Sorry, I'm getting lazy and sometimes neglecting this site. You're right, though, I did have Pittsburgh. Too bad I didn't post it. I let an easy win slide by.