Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Football

Perhaps the worst slate of games in the history of Thanksgiving. To make it interesting, they should have moved the teams around.

Tennessee vs. Detroit- The first game is the most lopsided. It lost all of its intrigue when Tennessee lost its first game on Sunday. Undefeated vs. winless would have been an interesting story angle, and would have created interest if the game was still on in the second half. Now it's just a one loss team ready to plow through Detroit.

Seattle vs. Dallas- Another potential snoozer. Ambien sales have plummeted this week in anticipation of the combination of turkey and the first two NFL games.

Arizona vs. Philadelphia- Okay, this one's a legitimate game with two legitimate teams. Which means one team will probably blow the doors off the other.

Here's what I'd have done if I was commish. Change the teams around:
Seattle at Detroit- give the Lions a shot at a win and us some of the most comical football of the year.
Tennesee at Dallas- Two powerful teams, with a Texas flavor- Titans used to be located in Houston. Remember those Oilers?
Arizona at Philadelphia- Like I said, this was already a legitimate game.

I'm afraid of a Lions upset today. Keep my dream alive, Jeff Fisher.


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