Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday And Tuesday Reading

Leviticus 11-14 was for Monday and Leviticus 15-18 for today.

I have a hard time reading all the leprosy laws. I find myself wondering what the afflictions are they are talking about. What would we call these things today?


  1. Democrats. We call them Democrats.

  2. Anonymous!

    That is the single funniest comment in the history of this blog. Do you have a name?

  3. I answer to all kinds of things, but let's just say Elaine Benes. You can call me Elaine and I promise never to dance.

  4. Elaine!

    Thanks for visiting.

    Perhaps you should win an award for your humorous quip. Unfortunately, the only prizes I have to give away are a big salad, an urban sombrero and a piece of very old wedding cake.