Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFL Conference Championship Picks

Weirdness abounds in the NFC. A championship game between the supposed "worst playoff team ever" and. the team that needed a cosmically absurd series of events to happen in week 17 to even make the playoffs. And let's not forget that team also lost to the lowly Bengals earlier this year.

But, as history has shown more than once, all a team has to do is make the playoffs. Once in, anything can happen. Last year's Super Bowl victor was a #6 seed.

As 2006 showed us all, it happens in baseball, too. Unless you are the Cubs.

The NFC game also features "the Cardinals". It's been twenty two years since they left St. Louis for Arizona. There are still pockets of Cardinals fans around the area, although their numbers are at endangered species levels now.

Because I didn't like the fact the owner packed up and moved the team, I've always wanted to believe that the franchise would never prosper in Arizona. And I've mostly been right. Even though the Rams swept in and erased the collective memories of most St. Louisans about the Cardinals, I can't help but think most will root for the Eagles, just so they won't have to see Bill Bidwell (owner who moved the team) actually succeed.

The AFC game features the team that just last week I called the favorite- Baltimore. Everyone knows they have a great defense. But that's not the reason I favor them over the Steelers.

I favor them because the Steelers won the first two games. And we've seen from history how hard it is to beat a team a 3rd time in a season, especially when they are so evenly matched.

That said, if Terrell Suggs and Samari Rolle are not going to play tomorrow, then I think the Steelers will triumph.

Regardless, we should see two great games.


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