Monday, January 19, 2009

NFL Hell

Shortly after the Red Sox (2004) and the White Sox (2005) won consecutive World Series titles, the above cartoon became one of my favorites.

But I'd like to turn my attention to the football version. Yesterday's victory by the Cardinals now leaves a very short list of teams that have never gone to THE game.

1. Houston- They've had such a short life, one could hardly fault them for not getting to the Super Bowl.
2. Jacksonville- Ditto.
3. Cleveland- Perhaps a new coach can turn the tide for a truly snake-bitten team. They should have made it years ago...but why dredge up terrifying memories?
4. New Orleans- Arguably they are the team closest to breaking though on this list.
5. Detroit- I don't even know where to begin. The other 4 on this list can truly take heart, for there are obviously degrees of hell that they have not yet sunk.

The list is getting shorter and shorter. Who'll be the next escapee?


  1. hopefully Cleveland will be last. I can bear watching your brother declare "this is the year!!" for the Browns and Cubs awhile longer yet. lol

  2. Angus!

    I agree with the Cubs. However, I have nothing against any of the other teams, and hope they get out soon.

  3. Houston and Jacksonville I have no problems with. I'm lukewarm with New Orleans and Detroit's in the same division as the Bears and Packers so I'm obviously not going to be rooting for them... well I was rooting for them to lose this year. I don't really have anything against Cleveland other than the enjoyment of kidding my dear ole' Uncle about it.

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