Thursday, January 01, 2009

What's New?

At Scottius Maximus Enterprises, we don't make resolutions. We set goals.

In other words, we don't resolve to exercise more in 2009. We set a goal to perform 25,000 push ups and squats. Then we devise a plan to get there.

We don't resolve to read more. We set a goal to read the Bible cover to cover. Then we devise a plan on how to get there.

We don't resolve to do a landscaping project. We set a goal to build a waterfall and fountain in 2009.

We don't resolve to post more. We set a goal to post more than 450 times in 2009. Yeah, you heard me. So look out!

Last year I didn't set any goals. So I didn't get as much done as I did in 2007. Which is okay, because I think I was tired from 2007 in 2008! I needed a break from some things, including posting. I only posted 116 times in 2008.

But here we are in 2009-...tanned...rested...and ready.

"Yeah, baby!"- Richard Nixon (here in the famous photo by Oliver Atkins).

So join me. Resolve only to have no resolutions. Then set some specific goals. It's amazing what can happen if you let it.

Oh yeah- one more thing- as in all things, the above is predicated on the short expression, Deo Volente, (that means "God Willing" for those of us from Illinois), or D.V. for short.


  1. Yeah, but, but, but... if I set specific goals, then I will probably meet them. THEN what would I do??? What resolutions could I make? What could I feel guilty about? To a chronic procrastinator, setting goals is suicide.

  2. TK!

    You're going about this all wrong. By setting goals and meeting them, you can feel guilty about all the things you neglected in pursuit of meeting your goals.

    You could also set goals on procrastination. You could set a goal to procrastinate longer than you ever have about just about anything. The possibilities are endless.

  3. I'll let my hubby know you are encouraging me to "procrastinate longer than you ever have about just about anything." On the other hand, maybe that might just work!