Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More Questions In Search Of Answers

I like World Magazine, and its blog. However, this kind of stuff makes me cringe.

Am I taking this post the wrong way?

When I think I've made a "breakthrough", aren't I actually in trouble?

Isn't the Christian life one of daily repentance from sin, and not one of trying harder and harder to make God, and myself, feel better about who I am? Isn't it the realization that I can't measure up to God, which drives me to my knees as a beggar?

Does God wish us to
be weak or strong?

Am I a slave to Christ, or to the law? Aren't I adopted as a son, something I took no action in? Then how am I a slave?

The stuff of this post is just foreign to me.


  1. That post is full of weak theology. God does not necessarily "prosper" us when we do His will. How does the writer know God wants him to help this friend, and will reward him for it? And how is telling yourself God will reward you for something such a breakthrough? We aren't supposed to do good works for the sake of an earthly reward, are we? All very, very weak.

  2. Barb!

    Thanks. That was pretty much my take, too.

    Merry Ash Wednesday to you and yours!