Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Pick

This year, I didn't sweat my pick like last year. Then, I just wanted to swim against the stream, so I picked the Giants. I really had no other reason to pick them other than to be contrarian.

This year is different. I'm much more confident. In fact, I feel going in that, barring turnovers or unusual weather, I'm not going to miss this one.

Those who know me know I'm usually much more cautious about public professions bordering on cockiness.

Which means I am really hanging it out there on this one, much more so than last year.

Because I'm here to tell you, that barring injury, weird turnovers or bad weather, there's no way Arizona loses this football game.

And since the weather man is giving only a 20% chance of rain, and temps are in the 50s-60s, the weather angle is out.

I know most experts are going with Pittsburgh, but consider the following facts.

- Pittsburgh is a cold weather team. They use this to their advantage. Ain't gonna be cold weather tonight.
- During the regular season, Pittsburgh played 6 teams that made the playoffs. They only beat 2 of those 6. Which means they feasted on lesser opponents.
- Kurt Warner is one of those guys that just knows how to win.
- Finally, the most important reason the Cardinals will win is one that trumps everything. Speed. They are fast. Pittsburgh is physical, but you can't hit what you can't catch. Speed kills. Speed wins. Just look at how the Big 10 always loses in football. It's because, although they play physical, they are too slow to keep up with the big boys.

And Arizona is lightning fast- when the conditions are right. And I'd say the conditions are right.

A lot people are making a big deal out of the pounding Arizona took December 21st against New England. They say this points to how defective this team is.

But remember that game was played in the snow and ice. It completely took them out of their game. There'll be no snow and ice tonight.

When I watched the Cardinals play the Eagles, whose defense is I think just as good as Pittsburgh's, I was awestruck at how quickly they went up and down the field. And I thought to myself, "this team is going to going to win the Super Bowl."

I haven't seen this kind of game since the Rams "greatest show on turf" teams of 1999-2002. Led by, of course, Kurt Warner.

And so I plan to sit back and be thoroughly entertained tonight, because I think we're really going to see something special.

Cardinals will come up big tonight.


  1. This is Mr BTEG beginning his reign of insufferable gloating.


    First team with three Super Bowl wins.
    First team with four Super Bowl wins.
    First team with six Super Bowl wins.

    Unfortunately, only second most appearances and second best record for a multiple Super Bowl team.

    Maybe we'll beat the 49'ers in the Super Bowl next year and change those last two. ;)

  2. Gino!

    Gloat all you want to, who can argue? Six Super Bowl wins trumps any argument anyone can ever make for any other team. There's no comeback for that. Even if it's San Francisco.

    You all have even played in two more Super Bowls than they have.