Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Happy Square Root Day!

As I was writing the date today, I suddenly realized it was square root day. 3-3-09.

We haven't had one since 2-2-04.

Although I was alive on 8-8-64, I don't remember it. The first one I remember is 9-9-81. And I remember it being announced on ABC World News Tonight, back when they had the three anchor format.

It was either Max Robinson, Peter Jennings or Frank Reynolds that announced we wouldn't have another one until the 21st century. I kind of think it was Max.

Anyway, I remember thinking how far off that seemed. Time sure flies.

Hopefully we'll all still be around for the next one on 4-4-16. Mark your calendars now, and make sure to return that day for my big Scottius Maximus Square Root Day Festival, right here on Blogger.


  1. I have reading your blog for a few weeks and decided to take the plung and say hi! I saw stuff yesterday about Square Root day and I guess it didn't click til today. Guess I'ma little slow!


  2. JohnO!

    Welcome, good to hear from you! How'd you find me?

    I don't know if square root day is the best name for it, but that is what it's called.

    Stop back by any time.

  3. At least you've got a lot of planning time. Can we expect Google or Blogger to be around in 2016?

  4. TK!

    That's a good question. Probably. But what about in the year 2525? I'm not so sure.

    I've even got a special guest that day lined up- pi. (You have to book irrational numbers far in advance).

  5. I found you through Barb the Evil Genius's blog as well as Aardvark Alley.

    Theres a shop near where I live called Gina's Pies are Square. Must have beena math major in college.

  6. JohnO!

    No doubt!

    I get the Pies Are Square, but is the 'Gina's' supposed to mean anything?

  7. Gina is the name of the lady who owns the shop. Very good fruit pies!