Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Reading

2 Samuel 5-8.


  1. How is the bible reading going the KJV? I have a copy of it at home and still think the Psalms are the most beautiful in KJV english.

    My current trip through the Bible is via the NIV and ESV..ESV but consult the NIV if I need clarification. And to think 500 years ago it was all in Latin and we wouoldn't have had a chance to read it at all (unless we were monks).

  2. JohnO!

    Thanks for asking. It still goes.

    I still struggle at times with the KJV. It helps that I am already familiar with the books. The punctuation, manner of speaking and vocabularly can be like a foreign language at times. But like any language, the more you speak it/hear it/read it, the more natural it becomes.

    I did the NKJV about 5 years ago. Otherwise I've done NIV. I've never tried the ESV, but you've given me an idea for next year.

  3. glad to be of service!

    A number of years ago, I used to go into old bookstores and roam around, loking for old books and such. I found an old bible that was a variation on the KJV published in this country around 1900. Kind of a unique find that ended up being pretty inexpensive too.

  4. JohnO!

    Didn't know there were variations on the KJV back then. Thanks.

  5. You're welcome. I didn't get an official church history degree, but it became an interest of mine while in college.