Saturday, May 23, 2009

Around The First Turn

Traditionally, the 40 game mark in the baseball season is a good time to sit back and see what you've got this year. Injuries can still throw off projections, but by now teams have usually had winning streaks, losing streaks and a few DL visits here and there.

There are exceptions, but by now you can begin to believe that what you see is what you get. So who can be disappointed in the Cardinals' season so far?

If someone would have told me at the end of March that by Memorial Day we would have a record of 25-17, I'd have been ecstatic. And the reason is that, although I like our team, I have had serious doubts about it.

This is because of two facts:
- This is not a consistent team. Which is a product of our youthfulness most likely.
- We play in a pretty good division.

Here are reasons to think we'll get even better:
- We've done this with Chris Carpenter starting only 3 games so far this year.
- In addition to Carpenter, Troy Glaus has not played a single inning, and two of our starting outfielders, Ludwick and Ankiel, have missed considerable time.
- We have Albert Pujols.

We're projecting a 90+ win season right now. I honestly don't think we'll make it, but it should be an interesting summer once again.


  1. Sadly, the Indians season is over. I may watch games, but I may not. It's very heartbreaking when your team's season is over this early.

  2. Barb!

    Sorry. I'm shocked and saddened by this. I really do like the Indians, and cannot believe that this team was 1 game from the WS 19 months ago.

    I know it's no consolation, but you're welcome to watch the Cardinals until the Indians come alive again next year. You brought us good luck 3 seasons ago!