Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Reading

Job 37-40.

Anybody seen the sun?


  1. A bright sunny day in this part of the world. A good for a trip to the city to shop and look around town as a sort of tourist.

    BTW, any spring flowers come out yet out where you are located?

  2. I saw the sun last week, but I was on a cruise ship in the Carribean. Now I am back to my real world in Illinois, and it's raining everything but honest politicians. Tomorrow's forecast is partly cloudy with a chance of swine flu. I think I want to go back on vacation.

  3. JohnO!

    Lots of flowers. The early spring bulbs are done and I'm just waiting for act 2.

    The sun did come out this weekend. I'm putting in annuals and veggies this weekend.


    I guess you didn't get the message from the Vice President to stay away from confined spaces.

    If you get DISH network, you can watch the swine flu channel, channel 399. All swine flu, all the time.