Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Reading

Psalms 141-150.

These much longer days came up on us fast, or so it seems. It won't be long before the days will start getting shorter again.


  1. 220 days, 12 hours, 31 minutes and five seconds until Christmas. That's how I like to measure time in my universe. How's your list coming?

  2. Elaine!

    You measure time like the kids in the Christmas Story movie. The list will be ready in plenty of time, thank you for asking. I'll keep everyone updated as the time approaches.

  3. Longer days bring warm summer nights. Memorial day weekend, July 4th, parades, fireworks, summer harvest(es) and so forth. Farrrrr too early to think Christmas. We just had Easter and about to have Ascension and Pentecost.


  4. JohnO!

    If it's far too early to think about Christmas, how will you be able to concentrate on my list?

  5. It's never too early to think about Christmas. I keep a little Christmas tree in my's nice to light it up every once in a while when the world seems a little out of whack. Thankfully I have been able to keep it off of the smart grid so far.

  6. Elaine!

    It's nice you can do that. Just don't let it dry out and catch fire.

    My head's too full of peat moss and briars to fit a whole tree into it.