Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Can A Horse Have A Vocation?

I believe this one did.

And everything I've ever read about him makes me believe that he thought he had one, too.

He was born to run, and he excelled at it in a way anyone would love to excel in their own vocation.

I've been able to witness many great athletic performances in my life, but there is only one that I would honestly describe as "breath-taking". And that would be this one.

For that reason, I consider it to be the single greatest sports moment of my lifetime, and probably always will.

It's a world record time for a mile and a half race that still stands. The acceleration at around the 1:28 mark of this video truly takes ones breath away.

Even though today marks 36 years since that day, and the athlete has long ago passed on, it still makes the hairs on my arms stand up whenever I see it.

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