Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weekend Reading


Haven't been to a movie in a long, long time. Any suggestions?


  1. My husband can't wait to see G.I. Joe but that's not out until August.

  2. Probably because most movies are garbage these days. Jeesh, I sound like an old person. Well, subjectively maybe I am, but I digress. I used to go to the movies all the time, it was one of my favortite things to do, but I seem to be disappointed most of the time when I go now. And I have a hard time with the whole suspension-of-disbelief thing when I am trying to watch some Hollywood windbag take my $9 admission and two hours of my life that I will never get back and then speak out against the things I think are important, like values, and morals and the Consitution. But poor Scottius, you just wanted to go to a movie, not hear a diatribe. My bad. My advice is to stay home, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel next week, and that is so much better. Oh, and I finished the Michelle Malkin book today, and I highly recommend it to you. I have been reading a lot of political non-fiction lately, and this has to be my favorite so far. I was aware of a lot of the things she covered, but had no idea how real grasp of how deeply rooted they are in the ways of the Chicago political machine. So my advice to you, should you choose to accept it, is skip the film, spend the money on the book, and watch Shark Week. You can thank me later.

  3. Barb!

    Is it a cartoon? I'm not sure I'm up for a cartoon.


    I seem to have come to the conclusion that it's a big waste of time/money, too. I like watching Turner Classic Movies instead.

    I doubt I'll buy the book, but that doesn't mean I won't read it. I can't think of many books I've bought I've actually read. Most of the books I've read I got at the libary, so I might try that route.