Saturday, August 01, 2009

2009 Goals

As another month is officially in the books, it's always a good time to check our progress for the year.

July was light on posting, the worst month of the year, putting me even further behind, but I'm not giving up yet. As of July 31st, I've made 230 posts this year. To be on pace for 450, I should have made 262. That means I must make up 32 posts over 5 months, meaning I'll have to average 42 posts a month from here on. Doable but difficult.

My reading is way ahead of schedule. We'll probably finish the OT on Friday, which means we'll probably finish off my reading goal by October. The KJV hasn't been too bad, but I'm thinking about the ESV next year.

I'm on schedule with exercise goals. I'm at 14,890 push ups and 15,000 squats. I should be at 14,583 for both.

Nothing to report on the landscape front, although I do have a couple of projects ready to go in the oven.

I need to step on it in posting. I'll do my best. Got a few ready to go, just haven't pulled the trigger.

D.V. I'll make it.

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