Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wanna Play Oddsmakers?

I wasn't too impressed with this year's Design Star until last week. Dan blew me away, and Nathan was good also.

How is Tashica not gone? And Lonni seems to have some talent, but she didn't finish last week. That should be an automatic trip home. It just goes to show you, there are no gold standards on this show.

What do the judges want? That's been the eternal question since this show started in 2006. And it's carried through to this year.

But I must say I like the judging panel better. The addition of Candice was suggested on a message board last year, and it really makes the group more authoritative.

I haven't set odds yet, so let's get to the board.

Dan is the even money favorite. That was the best white wall challenge I've ever seen, too, Vern.
Nathan is 5:1.
Torie is 10:1. I've liked what she's done every week.
Antonio 15:1.
Lonni 25:1.
Jason 100:1. Although he is even money to win goofball of the group. He should have been out the first week with that "National Geographic" thing he had going.
Tashica is 1,000,000:1. Which I believe is the highest odds I've ever made.

Notice I left out Jany. That's because I know nothing about her after 3 weeks. Is she even on this show?

Once Jason and Tashica are gone these next two weeks, then we can get serious. Surely they can't beat out anyone else remaining, can they?

Please remember, these odds are for entertainment purposes only. No wagering allowed. Unless it's in Mike and Ike's.

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