Sunday, September 13, 2009

NFL Week 1 Picks

Last year I finished the regular season at 163-89-1. I missed picking a couple of games. I was able to beat out Wickersham, Schlereth, Allen, and Golic at the ESPN Expert Picks page.

This year, trouble looms. The Lions cannot be expected to lose all 16 again (can they?). The Patriots aren't going to win all 16 again like in 2007. So I'm going to have to think harder than ever. Which, when it comes to making predictions, is the last thing I think you want to do.

I always try to go with my gut instinct when I pick. I run the schedule that week, choose the team I immediately think will win, and move on. It's a process that has served me well for years. After I'm done, I'll go back and look at the list again for games that I think could go either way. I might change one pick a week after sitting and thinking about it for awhile.

So here we are. Should be fun again. Just remember- there's no laughing in football. No matter how bad I do this year.

Hey- I'm already 1-0 after Thursday. Anybody wagering whether I'll go 256-0 this year? I though not.

Here are the "ESPN Experts" picks. Not a whole lot of variety this week. The only contested game this week appears to be Philly-Carolina. Looks like we'll all have close to the same record. Kind of boring.

New Orleans.
Green Bay.
New England.
San Diego.

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