Sunday, October 18, 2009

NFL Week 6 Picks

I was happy to be 9-5 last week. A couple of games I could have won and a couple I could have lost, so I think it worked out well. I'm now 53-23 on the year. ESPN Experts here and here.

I love the AFL throwback uniform games so much, I wish they would continue this every year from this point forward.

I think the NFL has done a good job over the years trying to erase the memory of that league, trying to act like it never existed. As if those teams always have been a part of the NFL.

Now that is has been 50 years, I guess they decided it was okay to acknowledge it. The throwback games are great in this way. Even the refs look cool in their AFL duds.

SI has a nice pictorial of the teams in their old threads. I don't think one could argue that their modern designs are an improvement. Well, except maybe the Chiefs, whose uniforms are essentially unchanged and whose helmet design has improved, and the Broncos, what with the mustard yellow and all.

Don't miss Monday night's matchup for some good ol' AFL times. Oh, and it should be a good game as well.

Green Bay.
New England.
San Diego- Monday.

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