Sunday, November 29, 2009

NFL Picks Week 12

Finally a return to winning last week, with a satisfying 12-4. For the year, that made me 106-54. Two losses, Thursday and Monday, bookended a stellar 12-2 Sunday. Hoge is way out in front with 112 wins, Tom Jackson has 111, and then the rest of the field ranges from 102 to 109. These ESPN Experts are here and here.

Now so far this week I am 2-1 like most of the rest of the world. This week has a lot of mines in the field, as there are many games where injuries could play a role in the outcome, including Pittsburgh-Baltimore and Arizona-Tennessee. How 'bout them Titans, by the way? Arizona has no chance if Warner doesn't play, so I'm going with Tennessee.

I see no one has the Bears. No surprise. What is a surprise is how many people picked Houston over Indy.

Jacksonville-San Fran looks like a good match-up, I've got to go for the home team even though Jacksonville is looking better and better as the season progresses.

Of course, then there is the Monday Night game. This is probably one of the most anticipated games on Monday night since the Baltimore-New England match-up 2 years ago. A can't miss football game. I like New Orleans- they most likely won't go for it on 4th in their own territory.

This week will likely make or break my season. There's just a lot of toss-up games. If they break my way,
I'll be in contention. If not, I may be in last place.

St. Louis.
San Diego.
San Francisco.
New Orleans- Monday Night.

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