Sunday, November 01, 2009

NFL Week 8 Picks

Last week I was 11-2. For the year I am 72-31. I'm now only two games out of first place, which is Schefter and Jackson, and now tied with Mort. ESPN Experts picks and records here and here.

I think St. Louis has a real chance at 0-16. I looked at the rest of their schedule, and today's game at Detroit is by far their best chance of victory. If they eke out a loss today, then the game at Tennessee may be their last chance. Could NFL winlessness happen two years in a row? I'm thinking it's 50-50 right now. At any rate, for the first time in a couple years I'm taking Detroit.

Obviously the big game this weekend is the Packers-Vikings match up. I'm betting Favre won't be well received. I look for Aaron Rodgers to have a big game.

For all the negativity coming out of Buffalo, I'm surprised to see them 3-4. You'd think they were 1-6 or something. Even though they're only 1-2 at home this year, I do think they'll win today. I'm going out on a limb here, I hope it doesn't break off too early in the day.

Almost forgot. The Bears look hapless. So much for the playoffs this year.

San Diego.
Green Bay.
New Orleans- Monday Night.

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