Sunday, December 13, 2009

NFL Week 14 Picks

Kept rolling last week, finishing 12-4, so that made my overall record 131-61. Amazingly, I'm now only a game behind Tom Jackson for 1st place. ESPN Experts' picks and records here and here.

Last year at this time, my record was 121-70-1, the year before 117-75, the year before that 112-80, and the year before that 125-67. So this is my best season in years.

And yet, I can't win on Thursday night. I have yet to pick a Thursday night winner this year. I did win twice on Thanksgiving, but those were the day games.

Fortunately for me, everyone else also misfired this past Thursday. Who saw that one coming? This week is my last chance for Thursday night victory, as there are no more Thursday games after next week.

Next weekend also gives us our only Saturday game this year.

I used to love the Saturday games. But since we only get one this year, what will we do with Saturday now that college football is over?

This week's games look very interesting. The biggest game looks to be Dallas-San Diego. Honestly, I think the Cowboys whole season hangs in the balance today. If they lose, they won't make the playoffs. Even if they win, they still have games left at New Orleans, at Washington and then at home against Philly. Tough row to hoe. Two wins, tops, in these last four, and I think there is a real chance of them not winning any of these final four.

Which brings us to tonight's Philly-Giants game. If they lose, the Giants will be out of the hunt in the East. Philly has two home games left against San Fran and Denver before going to Dallas. Meanwhile the Giants have to go to Washington and Minnesota, with a home game against Carolina in the middle. Should be a hard fought game tonight.

Right now, it looks to me like Philadelphia will win the East, even if they lose tonight.

And the Bears have Green Bay. The Packers are looking good for the playoffs right now, but if the Bears come through today, Green Bay has to play two rough road games at Pittsburgh and Arizona. Quite possibly, even probably, two more losses. Green Bay only has one more "lock" win, against Seattle in two weeks, making today's matchup that much more important. If they lose today, they may only get to 9 wins. So it should be another hard fought game.

Here we go...

New Orleans.
Green Bay.
Kansas City.
New England.
Arizona- Monday night.

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