Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quick- Say Something Nice About The Cubs!

And I don't mean complimenting their generosity in trading Lou Brock, or in letting Bruce Sutter walk away.

Although it goes against every fiber of my outward persona, I'm about to give the Cubs a straight up compliment, with no hidden back-handed slap.

Here it is- I have always thought they have nice uniforms.

The great website Uni Watch is conducting a poll- What are the best MLB home uniforms?

Please go there and vote for up to 10 of your favorites. The top 9 vote getters will advance to a playoff round. Voting will continue through next week.

Right now the Tigers lead the Cardinals by 14 votes, which is only .06%! The Dodgers are next only 100 votes back. Your vote could make the difference.

Did I vote the Cubs in the top 10? Of course. Should they be voted ahead of the Cardinals? Only Ocho Cinco knows for sure.

"Child please."

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