Sunday, September 12, 2010

This Is How It Will Go Down

Or not. Which is the most likely scenario.

It's time once again to hold myself up to national ridicule by attempting to prognosticate the NFL. Although it wasn't too bad last year, I did have the two Super Bowl teams not even making the playoffs.

This year I made it even worse on myself by attempting to predict final records, based on each team's individual schedules.

What I came up with surprised even me. There is definitely a disparity of scheduling in the NFL.

There are some great games coming up this year also.

I see Baltimore and San Francisco returning to prominence this year. New Orleans could repeat...or miss the playoffs altogether. They have a tough schedule.

I have the Ravens over the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Which most likely means neither team has a chance.

But you can all come back and laugh at me when it's all over.

Philadelphia 9-7.
Dallas 9-7.
Giants 9-7.
Washington 7-9.

Green Bay 9-7.
Minnesota 8-8.
Chicago 6-10.
Detroit 4-12.

Atlanta 13-3.
New Orleans 10-6.
Tampa Bay 5-11.
Carolina 1-15.

San Francisco 12-4.
Arizona 12-4.
Seatle 3-13.
St. Louis 2-14.

New England 13-3.
Jets 11-5.
Miami 9-7.
Buffalo 4-12.

Baltimore 12-4.
Cincinnati 9-7.
Pittsburgh 8-8.
Cleveland 4-12.

Indianapolis 13-3.
Houston 11-5.
Tennessee 9-7.
Jacksonville 2-14.

San Diego 11-5.
Denver 8-8.
Oakland 7-9.
Kansas City 6-10.

In the NFC Playoffs, I have New Orleans over Green Bay and Philadelphia over Arizona in the Wild Card Round, San Francisco over Philadelphia and New Orleans over Atlanta in the Divisional Playoffs, and San Francisco over New Orleans in the NFC championship.

In the AFC Playoffs, I have San Diego over the Jets and Baltimore over Houston in the Wild Card Round, Baltimore over New England and San Diego over Indianapolis in the Divisional Playoffs, and Baltimore over San Diego in the AFC championship.

Lots of big games to look forward to this year. The week 11 match up of Indy-New England is always big, and I see Indy still being undefeated until that week.

But all the games should be good. Anybody got Red Zone?

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