Sunday, October 31, 2010

NFL Picks Week 8

My whole season has been as scary as the first Halloween movie, so there's no reason to think there won't be plenty of fright in today's games.

Last week's 9-5 record gets me to 57-47. ESPN records here.

Who doesn't have a case of Favre fatigue by now? But the media won't let this crazy cat's behavior go. Does any sane person really believe he won't start today? Yet the media is creating a story that he possibly won't. Give me a break. Media manufactured hooey.

We're almost half way through the season. Which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are drawing close. I'll have my wish list done soon.

One thing that would be a surprise gift would be a double digit week. Looking at the schedule, I might be able to get it this week.

If it weren't for the fact there's only 13 games.

Kansas City.
St. Louis.
San Francisco.
New England.
Indianapolis- Monday Night.

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