Saturday, November 20, 2010

NFL Picks Week 11

Like everyone else, I struggled last week to an 8-6 record. Now, with Thursday Night's loss, I'm sitting at 81-64. ESPN Experts here and here. I'm in 7th place out of 13 "pickers", so considering how hard this year has been, I'm okay with it.

Check out Tom Jackson. His record is 93-52. Had the best record last year also. Unbelievable. He knows and understands football better than anyone else I've ever seen.

Anyway, I think I'd do much better if I excused myself from picking Bears games. I seem to lose most of these games. I'm either too optimistic or too pessimistic about their chances. This year has definitely been a pessimistic year.

It's like a conflict of interest- I'm too invested in the team to really be able to make an unbiased pick.

Anyway, here's something I don't say often- "Go Vikings."

How many times this year has Philadelphia, Washington, New England or one of the NY teams been on Sunday, Monday or Thursday Night national telecasts? Seems like every time you turn around it's one of them playing at night.

Finally, a full slate of games ahead this week.

Kansas City.
Tampa Bay.
New Orleans.
New England.
San Diego- Monday Night.

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