Sunday, December 05, 2010

NFL Picks Week 13

I really fizzled out last week after a hot start, finishing 11-5. So I was 104-72 on the year heading into the week. ESPN Experts here and here.

The Bears took a giant step forward last week, so I'm fearful of them falling down this week. The Lions are still a year or two from being good, so I think they'll pull through.

The Rams seem to be getting stronger as the year goes on. They look like the favorites in the NFC West. I know, that is not saying much. But the Rams have to be very thankful they picked Sam Bradford first in the last draft. He has been sensational. That team is one to watch next year, and as they continue to mature this season, could be an upset pick come playoff time this year.

Usually I try to ignore the northeast slant of ESPN, but this Monday's game is clearly the best match-up on Monday Night Football this season. The Jets are definitely the funnest team around.

Which means the game will probably be a blowout and not worth the time.

New Orleans.
Green Bay.
Kansas City.
San Diego.
St. Louis.
New England- Monday Night.

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