Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Reading

Deuteronomy 5-8.

The writing is clearly on the wall that Albert Pujols will not sign an extension this off-season and will become a free agent. The only question is, will the Cardinals come through with the money at that time? I think they're just waiting to see what the market will be, which is a huge gamble. A bidding war they cannot win. They are just counting on being able to offer a little more than market value to keep him. I can see this backfiring if New York or Chicago or Anaheim are in the mix of competing bidders.

It's a little infuriating that just last year they had enough money to sign Holliday to a $17 million a year contract for 7 seasons, but now can't pay the best player in baseball. What kind of general managing, or owning, is this?

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