Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Reading

Joshua 19-22.

"Good morning" evolved to "G' morning" and finally just "morning" as a greeting. I think most people now just say "morning" to each other. I noticed this at church on Sunday. It's like we are going around telling each other the time of day.

But why stop there? I'm ready for "morning" to be shortened to just "mor" as a greeting.

Or even better, we can drop the "mor" and just say the end, "ning", to one another. I like that better. I think I'll say "ning" this Sunday and see if it catches on.

Although, if we go with "mor", we can shorten that eventually to just the "mmm" sound at the beginning.

Which is in effect just a grunt. Which I think is what we should be doing anyway. Just grunting at one another in the morning.

That's all I usually feel like doing anyway.

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