Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Reading

1 Samuel 9-12.

Looks like Mr. Newt is going to run. Go Mr. Newt!


  1. Do you really like him? I am torn. He'd be great in a debate against Obama, but I worry he may be carrying too much old baggage. I don't see one clear stand- out right now, but it's early. I do know I don't like Romney. Palin and Bachmann are spitfires but I think unelectable right now. I'm a big fan of Bobby Jindal but he's staying in Louisiana. I see a lot of people in love with Chris Christie but it's too soon for him in my opinion. What are your thoughts on Huckabee and Pawlenty? I am still pondering it all.

  2. DR!

    I'm definitely a Newt man. If he's running, I'm voting. He's smart, capable, decisive and a real leader.

    Those 2 women are unelectable, I agree. I kind of like Huckabee but think he'd be too Bush-like.

    I'd vote for Trump also. No one else really excites me yet, although Christie could.

  3. I'm surprised you like Trump. I have heard him on Hannity and he certainly has interesting ideas from an economic standpoint but I'm not sure how he'd fair with foreign relations. I share your fear of Huckabee perhaps being too Bush-like. I think that's what cocerns me. I like the fact that Newt realizes the importance of the U.S. supporting Israel, something Obama has no interest in.

    It will be interesting to see how things evolve. I'll come back from time to time to pick your brain if you don't mind. I like seeing what people are thinking about regarding 2012. If you ever check out my blog let me know what you think, although I haven't been keeping up with it as much as I should.

  4. DR!

    I don't mind. Should be interesting. Keep posting.