Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Reading

1 Kings 9-12.

Yesterday I wore blue. Today I wore green. I chose to do so, realizing someone may notice. It was hilarious the reactions I got. Yesterday, people asked why I wasn't wearing green. Today people asked why I was. I must be confused, disoriented or weird.

As if there is some unwritten rule that, on 3/18, it is a faux pas to wear the color green.

This was quite the successful experiment. I will try to make this a new tradition. From now on for me, it's the wearing of the green on 3/18.


  1. And why is it you never see any "Kiss Me I'm German" or "Luck of the Polish" shirts?

  2. DR!

    Someone needs to make them, I'm sure there's a market. In fact, I'd wear one next St. Patrick's Day.