Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Tuesday Reading

1 Samuel 25-28.

Forty years ago I was in the 2nd grade. Which means if I was still in school, I'd be in 42nd grade today. But anyway, I still remember the playground buzz this day in anticipation of the "Fight of the Century" to take place that night. Two unbeaten fighters with clashing styles facing off.

I was a Smokin' Joe fan, and his victory this night forty years ago was a relief. I really never cared for Ali, and couldn't stomach the thought of Frazier, the heavyweight champ, losing to him.

Around 15 years ago, I read a Sports Illustrated article about the fight and the hype leading up to it. After reading it, I was so glad I had rooted for Joe. The way Ali and his camp treated Joe was disgraceful as I recall.

At any rate, the fight lived up to its billing, one of the few that does. Here's the 15th round, which produced the lovely sight and sound of Ali getting nailed and going down.


  1. I saw this fight on tv in Australia. I am not a great boxing fan, but loved watching Ali. His ability to change his style for each fight is unparalleled in my limited exposure to the sport.
    Both boxers were tired, and I believe Frazier had one good punch left in him. Ali's guard dropped and Frazier connected with that punch. A few seconds later, Ali's skills show him avoiding a follow-up punch after the count.
    Neither boxer was disgraced in this bout, Frazier was a worthy winner, and we are witnessing 2 of the best boxers ever in the ring -- no sign of fixes, it appeared to be a straight contest.
    One point about Ali, is that I always felt he was underscored by referees [not in this bout] -- his punching and reflexes were so fast that they often seemed to miss point-scoring hits -- and Ali was often aiming for points shots rather than knockouts.
    Seymour Knutts

  2. Seymour!

    I think you summed it up nicely.

    Ali's guard did drop. I think it often did because no one could hit him, he was too quick. Except for Joe.

    And Ali could sure take a punch. Possibly part of the reason he is in the same he's in today.