Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Reading

2 Samuel 21-24.

Sunday the forecast was for partly cloudy skies and high around 50. When I awoke it was cloudy and the temp was around 32.

As the day went on, the sun never peaked through and it remained dark. The temp barely moved, and by noon was 34. I remember thinking it's going to have to really heat up to get to 50.

So I looked again at the online forecast, still calling for it to be 50 and partly cloudy.

By 4 PM the sun had never peaked out, and it still felt very cold out. So I went online again. I was shocked at what I saw. The temp was only 36. But here's the thing that honked me off. Someone by this time had changed the forecast for Sunday to a high of 36!

Can they do that? Can weathermen change the forecast at the end of the day to fit the conditions that are obviously present? What's that about?

Now, I don't want to disparage this particular weather group, so I won't name them by name. But they rhyme with Heather Wondersound.

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