Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Reading

Esther 6-10.

The theme song to Tennessee Tuxedo is permanently etched in my brain. Last year I got the DVD which contains many of the episodes from season 1, and probably reinforced this until my end comes.

So, after intense study, I have become convinced that the lyrics of the song by Phil Collins, "Sussudio", was taken from the opening of this theme song..."see, see, see, Tennessee Tuxedo."

"Su-su-su-dio"...the su su su part is obviously a nod to "see, see, see" in the Tennessee Tuxedo theme.



  1. I'm afraid that it is etched in my brain as well dear! :)

  2. Lucy!

    Good, it will serve you well when you're old and demented at the nursing home.