Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday Reading

Jeremiah 21-24.

I found out what injured Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is doing with his summer. He is enjoying his time barbecuing.

He appeared on "Waino's World" (not to be confused with "Wayne's World") on the Cardinals Pregame radio show last night. And during his "show", he proceeded to smoke some ribs.

If you've never heard anyone cooking on the radio, you needn't worry. It's basically a guy talking and describing what he is going to do, then a cut to a couple hours later, where he describes what the food looks like and how tasty it is.

His food could have looked like crap, smelled like crap and tasted like crap and we'd never know.
At least on the Food Network you can see what's going on.

In fact, how do we know he was even cooking, because "cooking" on the radio is just a guy talking into the mike?

He could have done the whole show from his bathroom for all we know.

Heck, I could do that on this blog. For all you know.

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