Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Reading

Jeremiah 37-40.

Sorry to hear about Lorenzo Charles. We were born the same year. I was a sophomore in college on his famous night, and still remember where I was sitting at the moment it all went down.

I must admit I didn't watch much of the game initially because I gave NC State no chance. After Houston-Louisville two nights earlier, which was what I thought at the time an epic clash for the title, I thought this game would be a rout.

Fortunately I saw most of the second half of what I think is the greatest college basketball game ever.

What makes the final scene even more incredible is the TV angle. Whittenburg's launch of a desperation shot is clearly off the mark. It makes one reasonably conclude this game is going to OT.

The camera follows the flight of the ball, which obviously has no chance to go in. Then, out of nowhere, Lorenzo Charles shockingly jumps up into the picture and finishes off the heavily favored Cougars.

After that, of course, there is the famous cut to coach Jim Valvano running on the court, another fortunate shot for the CBS crew that will live forever.

RIP. Both of you.

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